Handcrafted with relief, energy and mood in mind, we offer our clients an all natural, THC-free, luxurious experience. Enlightening the senses through scent, texture, and unparalleled comfort, our goal is to start bridging the gap between traditional pharmaceuticals and beauty products.

With an unwavering commitment to quality, our products are made using only the finest natural ingredients, essential oils, and hemp-derived CBD.  Our focused approach allows us to maintain a clear path, unleashing the power of our products, fixated on helping those experiencing daily discomforts.

MOOD 100%


“You can’t make your dreams come true being idle and wishing for it to happen”

Robin Carey

Robin was clinically diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression since she was a child and suffered from serious health problems from a very young age, which eventually led to seizures, heart, gut, and joint issues.

After years of unanswered questions, painful medical treatments, and being told she would have to be on pain-management medication her whole life she was scared, tired, and frustrated. She decided to go pharmaceutical-free and change her diet and exercise habits to live a healthier lifestyle. 

After a terrifying battle with breast cancer and her body rejecting the chemotherapy treatments, Robin went on a mission to find a solution that would give her the quality of life she very much longed for.

Robin has always possessed a passion for food, art, and creating. Her personal relationship with CBD stems from a long journey of battling with various health issues and a strong desire to live a pain-free, comfortable life and for others to be able to do the same.

She decided to combine her experiences in the cannabis industry, her cooking skills, and passion for creating to come up with a product that would help the many others struggling to find a natural solution.

Robin is the essence of perseverance and strength. Her mission was to make her personal journey worth it by turning something bad into something good that would help others looking for alternative solutions.

Through her own journey filled with struggles and personal heartache, she discovered a passion to help others and that’s how Rem came to fruition. Today Robin is still enjoying art, creating, cooking, and spending time with her family.